Super Andy Warhol

RETROSUPERFUTURE teamed up with the Andy Warhol foundation for a line of eclectic art-inspired sunglasses. This series proposes a novel approach to eyewear design. Bringing the great artist’s legacy into the 21st century with the aim of fusing eyewear and visual art.

Seen as a three dimensional interpretation of Warhol’s creative opus and unique philosophy of life, this extraordinary line of eyewear is the perfect reminder that « just anyone can be world famous for at least 15 minutes ». .

VELVET DARLING demonstrates Warhol’s incredible ability in anticipating the creative visions of our time. This contemporary and even slightly futuristic silhouette, sports a rectangular geometric lens as its key feature.

NICOULOU is a technically elaborate yet visually harmonious piece of eyewear. The acetate frame references the style and flair of the 50’s silhouette evoked in Warhol’s drawings.